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Working in a team

Build up your team members by encouraging them and praising what they do well. This helps every team members feel important.

Working in teams can be rewarding because big goals can be achieved. It feels good to achieve something as a team.

At other times working in a team can be difficult and frustrating. Different people approach problems in different ways. It can be very tricky to combine everyone’s ideas of what would work best. It is important to listen carefully, keep your cool and find a compromise.

Responsibilities in being in a team

For a team to be successful, there are some important responsibilities that team members need to undertake. These responsibilities are similar whether the team is a sports team or a volunteer organisation. Team members should encourage each other to be committed to their responsibilities. Team responsibilities encourages individuals to try their best so they don't let the rest of the team down.

  • Get Involved - As a member of a team, make sure you combine your ideas and skills. Share suggestions, problems you've noticed and possible solutions with fellow team members. Be willing to try things that others suggest to you. Take the time to help your teammates, no matter what the request.
  • Try your best - Whatever role you have in a team, whether it's a position in netball or football or working in a group project, try to do your very best. When everyone is working hard together and each part is done well, the team achieves more.
  • Support team members - If a team member suggests something, always consider it-even if you think it's the silliest idea you've ever heard! Considering that team's idea shows you're interested in other people's ideas, not just your own. Hopefully, others will show the same respect when you give suggestions.
  • Listen actively - Look at the person who's speaking to you, nod, ask questions and acknowledge what is said. If you're unclear about something that has been said, ask the person what they mean to clear up any confusion. Good communication is an important part of any team. Good listening skills are also very important.
  • Don't isolate or exclude anyone - Everyone has something valuable to offer and nobody likes being left out.



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