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List of English Proverbs - E

A range of English Proverbs with explanation, listed in alphabetical order by phrase. This page contains English Proverbs that start with letter E. 

1. Easy come, easy go.
Explanation: Something which is acquired without effort will be lost without regret.

2. Eagle don't catch flies. 
Explanation:  Great or important persons do not concern themselves with trivial matters. 

3. Empty vessels make the most sound.
Explanation:  Foolish and empty-headed people make the most noise.  

4. Every dog has his day.
Explanation: Everyone, however insignificant has a moment of strength and power.   

5. Everybody's business is nobody's business.
Explanation: Often used as encouragement to the reluctant.  

6. Experience is the best teacher.
Explanation: Sometimes used with the implication that learning by experience may be painful. 



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