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What names are used for groups of animals?

A. Listed below are collective or group names for different kinds of animals.


Group Name
1. Ants   Nest, army, colony, state or swarm
2. Bees   Swarm, cluster, nest , hive or erst
3. Caterpillars   Army
4. Eels   Swarm or bed
5. Fish    School, shoal, haul, draught, run or catch
6. Flies   Business, hatch, grist. Swarm or cloud
7. Frogs   Army
8. Gnats   Swarm, cloud or horde
9. Goldfish   Troubling
10.Grasshoppers   Cloud
11. Hornets   Nest
12. Jelly Fish   Smuck or brood
13. Lice   Flock
14. Locusts   Swarm, cloud, plague
15. Minnows   Shoal, steam, swarm
16. Oysters   Bed
17. Sardines   Family
18. Sharks   School or shoal
19. Snakes   Bed, knot, den or pit
20. Termites   Colony, nest, swarm, or brood
21. Toads   Nest, knot, knab
22. Trout   Hover
23. Turtles   Bale or dole
24. Wasps   Nest, herd or pladge

B. Listed below are collective or group names used for group of mammals.


Group Name
1. Antelopes   Herd
2. Apes   Shrewdness
3. Baboons   Troop
4. Bears   Sloth
5. Beavers   Family or colony
6. Boars   Sounder
7. Buffaloes   Troop, herd or gang
8. Camels   Flock, train or caravan
9. Caribou   Herd
10.Cattle   Drove or Herd
11. Deer   Herd or Leash
12. Elephants   Herd
13. Elks   Gang or Herd
14. Foxes   Cloud, skulk or troop
15. Giraffes   Herd, corps or troop
16. Goats   Flock, trip, herd or tribe
17. Gorillas   Band
18. Horses   Herd, stable, stud, set, team
19. Jackrabbits   Husk
20. Kangaroos   Troop, mob, or herd
21. Leopards   Leap
22. Lions   Pride, troop, flock, sawt or souse
23. Mice   Nest
24. Monkeys   Troop or Cartload


Group Name
25.Moose   Herd
26. Mules   Barren or span
27. Oxen   Team, yoke, drove or herd
28. Porpoises   School, crowd, herd, shoal, or gam
29. Reindeer   Herd
30. Rhinoceri   Crash
31. Seals   Pod, herd, trip, rookery, or harem
32. Sheep   Flock, hirsel, drove, trip or pack
33. Squirrels   Dray
34.Swine   Sounder, drift, herd or trip
35. Walruses   Pod or herd
36. Weasels   Pack, colony, gam, herd, pod or school
37. Whales  School, gam, mob, pod or herd
38. Wolves   Rout, route, or pack
39. Zebras   Herd
40. Asses   Pace, drove, or herd



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