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Dalmatian Dogs - Breed Information

These dogs are appreciated all over the world as a family dog, preferably in sports minded family.

This breed is probably descended from dogs imported by merchants to Dalmatia (a region of Croatia) and ancient Greece from India.

Throughout the ages, Dalmatians have demonstrated their excellent working abilities; they were used as coach and carriage dogs in Britain. They were trained to run alongside beside horse-drawn carriages to protect the occupants against thieves and highway men. They were also equally popular as a kind of fashion accessory among the wealthy.
In the United States, Dalmatians are best known as firehouse dogs, as they were employed to control the horses that pulled fire wagons during the nineteenth century. It is still well-known fire house mascots.

Dalmatians are predominately white dogs with black or liver-colored spots, although they are born completely white.

They are robust build, with deep chests, well –sprung rib cages and reasonably long muscular limbs. They have long, elegantly arched neck, well defined heads and square muzzles. The nose matches the color of the dog’s spots.

The feet are round with well-arched toes and the nails are either white or the same color as the spots.

Newborn pups are spotless: markings develop during the first year.

Spirited and playful, these dogs adore children and can be trusted with them. Sensitive so training takes patience and gentle but firm handling. 

They like to spend time with their owners and they are capable of great stamina and speed. Gentle, sensitive and energetic 

  • Grooming: Minimal, but needs daily brushing
  • Exercise: regular and vigorous
  • Adapts well to urban living, but needs plenty of space.
  • A good watchdog.
  • Life expectancy: 12 years



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