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What is legend?

Long ago, people told stories that were based on history but were not completely true.  They are are called legends.  

Legends tell of time, place or person as though the event took place.  Robin Hood is an example of a legend.  In real life, Robin of Loxley was probably in trouble with the law.  in legend, he became Robin Hood, a man who took money from the rich to help the poor.

Legends were first told aloud and passed down through many generations.  This meant that many versions of the same story were told. Eventually legends were written down. The legends we read in books today were first told long ago.  

Why are legends told?
People have always told stories about the past.  They told legends to each generation to teach them about their culture.  Today, legends teach us something about the culture of people in the past. 

Theme in legends
There are legends from different parts of the world. They all tell stories of people and their actions.  There are many legends about kings and heroes who shaped nations.   There are also legends about places that ate important to a group of people.  They explain how the world around them was created. 

Examples of legends:
  • The Legend of King Arthur
  • The Legend of Hiawatha
  • The Legend of Atlantis
  • The Legend of El Dorado
  • Alligators in New York
  • The Legend of Big Foot



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