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Quotes - Francis Bacon

A wise man will make more 
opportunities than he finds.
-Francis Bacon

He that will not apply new remedies
 must expect new evils,
for time is the greatest innovation. 
-Francis Bacon

Silence is the sleep 
that nourishes wisdom.
-Francis Bacon

Read not to contradict and confute
nor to believe and take for granted,
nor to find talk and discourse
but to weigh and consider.
-Francis Bacon

We cannot command Nature
 except by obeying her. 
-Francis Bacon

Man prefers to believe
 what he prefers to be true.
-Francis Bacon

Reading maketh a full man;
conference a ready man;
and writing an exact man.
-Francis Bacon

A prudent question
is one-half of wisdom.
-Francis Bacon



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