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Quotes - Eleanor Roosevelt

Great minds discuss ideas;
average minds discuss events;
small minds discuss people.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

A woman is like a tea-bag 
you can't tell how strong she is
 until you put her in hot water.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

It takes as much energy 
to wish as it does to plan.
-Eleanor Roosevelt.

You must do the things 
you think you cannot do.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Understanding is a two way street.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

It is not more vacation we need
-it is more vocation.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Happiness is not a goal;
 it is an by-product.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

With the new day comes 
new strength and new thoughts.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

The giving of love 
is an education in itself.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

No one can make you feel inferior.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

When life is too easy for us, we must 
beware or we may not be ready to meet
the blows which sooner or later come 
to everyone, rich or poor. 
-Eleanor Roosevelt



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