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Why use a student planner?

Great Reasons to use a student planner
  • A planner is portable.  You can carry yours to and from school in your backpack.
  • A planner never forgets.  
  • A planner prevents scheduling problems.  Check your planner before saying yes to any invitation from friends. 
  • A planner keeps all of your important information in one place. No more paper scraps, sticky notes, or ink smeared reminders written on your hand. 
  • A planner reminds you of what you need to do and when.
  • A planner helps you keep track of important projects. Write down every thing you need to do and you're less likely to forget a task or a due date.
  • A planner helps you reach your goals. Breaks down a big goal into smaller steps, write each step in your planner, finish one step at a time and before you know it, you're there.
  • A planner can be whatever you want it to be. Yours might be a simple list of homework,  assignments, school projects and activities. Or it might include your address book, list of books you want to read and movies you want to see, your daily journal, notes about ideas you have, your hopes and dreams . . .What else? It's up to you.
  • A planner frees up valuable space in your brain. When you write down many things you need to remember, you don't actually need to remember them. You just need to remember one thing: to look in your planner. 

To make a plan you need a planner. There are many different student planner to choose from.  You can visit an office or school store and look around, you can go online and search for student planner. Some websites have planner templates and you can download, print out and start using right away. 

There are many different types of student planner:
  • Monthly view planners show a whole month on two pages, the disadvantage of this type of planner is there is not much room or space for writing.
  • Weekly view planners show one week on two pages. This is the size that most students use.
  • Two-page-per day planners are great if you also like to use your planner as a journal or daily dairy.
Some planners just have the days and dates, with blank lines or spaces for writing.  Some look more like assignment notebooks with subject names and boxes to check when you finish each assignment.

Some have places to write lists of things to take home and bring to school, weekly goals, long term-projects, teacher and parent messages and more.

Some schools provide students with planner.  Often these have school logo on the cover and a special section with school handbook pages, schedules and maps.  If your school gives you a planner, that’s the one you should use.      

Planner tips and tricks
  • If you're extra busy with homework and activities, use a daily planner.  If you're not so busy, use a weekly planner
  • When you first get your planner, spend time checking it out. Decide how you'll use it.  Where will you write long-term assignments? After-school activities? How will you keep track of your goals so you're sure to reach them? Personalize your planner. Make it your own.
  • Write in your planner in pencil, not ink. That way, when things change, you can erase them instead of crossing them out.
  • Mark really important events and due dates with a highlighter or stick-on stars
  • Use highlighters or colored pencils for different subjects or types of activities
  • Be sure to leave room for fun times, relaxing times and special times like birthdays, mother's day, father's day with friends and family. Write those in your planner too.
  • Check  your planner first thing every morning. You'll know what the day will bring.
  • Check your planner last thing every night.  You'll go to sleep feeling ready for tomorrow. 



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