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Visual learners

Visual learners are learners who prefer to process and learn information in visual forms such as pictures, charts, lists, paragraphs, or other printed formats.  They learn and remember best by seeing and visualizing information.

The following are additional characteristics of  visual learners:
  1. Can easily recall information in the form of numbers, words, phrases or sentences.
  2. Can easily understand and recall information presented in pictures, charts or diagrams.
  3. Have strong visualization or visual memory skills and can look up and "see" information.
  4. Make "movies in their mind" of information they are reading.
  5. Have strong visual-spatial skills, that involve sizes, shapes, textures, angles and dimensions.
  6. Have a good eye for colors, design, visual balance and visual appeal.
  7. Pay close attention and learn to interpret body language(facial expressions, eyes, stance)
  8. Have a keen awareness of aesthetics, the beauty of the physical environment and visual media.
Visual learners often favor creating and using visual strategies when they study.  Having something that they can see examine for details and memorize as a mental image is important and effective for visual learners.

The following visual strategies for visual learners strengthen and utilize visual skills. Are you already doing these strategies or you might like to try these strategies .

  • Highlight textbooks and notes. Used colored highlighter pens to create a stronger visual impression of important facts, definitions, formulas and steps. 
  • Write notes in textbooks. Write questions in the margins, highlight the answers and then picture the answers as you review the questions.
  • Create movies in your mind. Use your visual memory as a television screen with the information that you read.  (and hear) moving across the screen as a "movie with the cameras rolling"  Practice reviewing or replaying the movie in your mind.
  • Use color coding. Color-code different levels of information in your visual tools, your textbook highlighting, your time management, schedules and your notes.  Using different colors facilitates the process of memorizing and recalling visual images.
  • Visualize information.  Visually memorize pictures, graphs, study tools or small sections of printed information.  Practice looking away, visualizing and then checking the accuracy and details of your visual images.
  • Add pictures.  As you expand chapter visual mappings, hierarchies and other visual study tools or as you review your notes ad study tools, add pictures that depict the information.  The pictures become association cues to assist recall of the information stored in memory.

  • Write to remember. Copy textbook information into notes because information written in your own handwriting often is easier to visualize and recall than printed text.
  • Make writing a habit.  Create the habit of writing directions and other important information in notebooks, on small note pads, or in electronic devices as words you write frequently are easier to visually memorize and recall. 
  • Be observant.  Pay attention to details of objects and people.  Observe nonverbal clues for body language that signal attitudes, feelings or important points. 



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