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How to study effectively- Read and make notes

Study Tips  for any student who would like to stick to a good study regime. You don't have to be the Top Brain to do that-anybody can do it by following these simple rules and tips. 

Read and Make Notes

  • By using the notes from your subject or topic files, read and make notes - write comments, make brief summaries.
  • Practice the writing of key ideas and facts from memory, you will learn better by doing this.
  • Highlight important information, it makes it easy to relocate. It also allows you to create an outline of the material as you are reading. (Use highlighter that are not too bright, they have a tendency to be distracting)
  • Write notes as neatly and as legibly as possible. If you compose neat notes, or at least legible ones, you can save valuable time by not having to rewrite them.
    Note taking is probably one of the foremost components to being successful in acquiring productive study skills


    • Don't daydream! Keep your mind on what you are doing.
    • Remember to have a 10 minute hourly break, this will help you concentrate. The best way to do it is to stand up and face away from your books, don't sit at your desk starring at your book- the physical act of standing up will help your thinking back to the job.


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