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Getting motivated


Have you ever found yourself submitting assignments late because you either left it until the last minute or because you thought it was not good enough to hand in?  What about the night before an important test? Were you huddled over your books cramming?

Why do we put things off? 

  • FEAR of failure or rejection or embarrassment or any negative emotions. Amazingly, we can sometimes even be afraid of our own success.
  • Our inability to say "no".  You know you have a pressing assignment but you can't say "no" to going out with your friends.Our lack of interest
  • Our lack of preparedness.
  • You can probably name 10 more reasons if you put your mind to it.

10 Point Plan to Overcome Procrastination and Motivate Yourself  Into Action    

  • Use your Planner. Work in progress should systematically appear on your Priority List week by week until you complete it.  
  • Make a Plan and stick to it.  List all the things you need to get it done.
  • Break that overwhelming assignment you've been putting off into smaller, more manageable parts.  Allocate a deadline for the whole project.  Plan to work on it a little bit every day, starting NOW!
  • Arrange these parts into 3 categories:  Imperative, Important and Not Very Important.  Give yourself deadlines for each category.  Tackle the imperative list first.  Do not move on to "Important"  category until it's all done.  Then start on the important tasks and don't stop until these are all done. By the time you get around to the "Not Very Important" tasks, you will probably find the project needs nothing more than a few finishing touches.
  • It's easy to procrastinate if you're feeling sorry for yourself.  Use some positive self-talk.  Remind yourself you've got to get this done and you have to start it it or finish it now.  
  • Use more of the self-talk to praise yourself.  Award yourself rewards for good behavior.  Learn to reward yourself at milestones, not just at the completion of a project.  Start now. right after you have completed your "Imperative" task list.
  • Finding yourself blocked and unable to start a task is common.  Ask yourself "Is there anything, no matter how small that I am willing to do?" When you find that small thing, you are no longer procrastinating. You've started.
  • Try the Ten Minute Procrastinator's Plan: this involves working on the dreaded task for 10 minutes, then deciding  whether to go on or stop.  You might find you get so involved in what you're doing, you actually begin to enjoy the task and pretty soon, those 10 minutes magically turn into 60 or more. 
  • Any task can be more easily tackled if you visualize it completed.  Use your imagination. Completing that project, see yourself handling in that assignment; hear the teacher's words of praise and admiration; visualize with every sense you have!  Touch it. Smell it. Taste it.  You'll soon be longing for the real thing. 
  • Take responsibility for yourself-don't let your fear of failure get to you.  You've got this far at school, now JUST DO IT and you'll feel better. Much better.



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