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Tips for making salads

All raw salad vegetables should be washed and drained thoroughly. Remove the excess moisture from the leaves by using clean toweling, a colander for draining, or a salad spinner.  It is very important that all moisture/water be removed from the leaves, as it will dilute the dressing and leach out the vitamins.

Store covered in the refrigerator to retain freshness.  Salad greens tend to deteriorate rather rapidly so prepare them as close to service as possible.

Due to fragile nature of salad leaves and herbs, it is important to handle these carefully in the preparation stages.

  • Salad greens should not be dressed until they are ready to be served, as the acid in the dressing will begin to 'cook' the greens causing them to rapidly deteriorate and become limp. Salt also draws out the moisture and thus softens the salad ingredients.
  • Salads have to be crisp, fresh and colorful in their appearance.Taste is influenced by the choice of dressing, the ingredients and the texture.
  • All ingredients need to be of good quality.  Salad items should be purchased and used in season whey they are at their best. Ensure all produce is free from blemishes, bruising, pests and soil.
  • Lettuce should be torn carefully along the natural fibers rather than being cut.  Cutting lettuce tends to bruise it, causing it to quickly turn brown and wilt.
Salad greens should be presented in bite-size pieces.  This way the customer can eat without having to cut the leaves.  The use of precision cuts can enhance the presentation of the salad.

Ensure correct hygiene and storage principles and adhered to at all times. Avoid crossing contamination and store prepared produce in the refrigerator, neatly covered.  



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