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Salad can provide that ideal accompaniment to grilled meats or can be served as a meal.  Their versatility makes them very attractive to chefs as well as the customer and generally salads have a low food cost percentage, therefore you can gain more profit. If being used as an accompaniment they can be prepared, refrigerated in advance and then dressed as they are served.  This saves time during service. Salads used as a meal are normally assembled as ordered.  They can be made using uncooked or cooked foods and are served either warm or cold.

Salads may be presented as a side dish (accompaniment), a buffet item, an entree, a main course or a dessert.  They suit today's lifestyle with an emphasis on lighter meals that are nutritionally balanced and have a relatively short preparation time.

A variety of dressing types may be used to complement, enhance and flavor the salad.  It is the combination of fresh crisp ingredients and a well prepared dressing that satisfies the palate.



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