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Mango (Mangifera indica)is botanically a drupe and a member of the Anarcardiaceae family . A single fruit weighs from 170 g (6 oz) to 680 g(1 ½ lbs). The smell of ripe mangoes can fill a room or a shop and to many people they are the most delicious of all fruits. Fruits of love, they are often called, though whether this is because of their shape which resembles a heart, their luscious flavor.

Nutritional Value
Mangoes are excellent source of vitamin A and good source of vitamin B and C. 

Buying and Storing
  • When buying mangoes choose those that are firm to soft. 
  • Maybe green, yellow or bright orange with a rosy blush depending upon the variety.  Should yield to gentle pressure when ready.  
  • Avoid wrinkled mangoes and those with greyish discoloration, black spots or other signs of decay.  
  • Mangoes should be stored at room temperature but will only keep for a day or two when fully ripe. 
Prepare, Use and Serve
Ripe mangoes are best eaten fresh. Peel and cut only when ready to use to keep the aroma.  Peel from the stem end down, the skin will simply pull away from the flesh if mango is ripe. 

There are many ways to cut mangoes especially the large one. 
  • Stand the mango upright and using a knife slice the two cheeks off. 
  • Score the flesh, cutting down only to the skin, but not through it. 
  • Score again to make square.
  • Cut the square free or invert to make a hedgehog
  • The middle part can be left to whoever wants to suck the seed.

Mangoes can be sliced or cubed depending on the use, they are delicious in fruit salads, vegetable salads, or sauces served with duck, chicken or ham, it can be pureed to make ice cream, sorbets and drinks. The green unripe mango can be made into chutneys and pickles or eaten in stir fries and curries. 



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