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As the blackberry has always grown wild and is a widespread genus, it seems to be native to many parts of the world- Britain, North America and Africa. 

Blackberry (Rubus frutuosus, general name given to all blackberries or brambles) is a member of the rose family and not a true berry but a collection of drupelets, The blackberry is a climber. 

Nutritional Value
High in vitamin C, good source of thiamin, fair source calcium, some iron, potassium, vitamin A, riboflavin and niacin.  low in sodium.

Buying and Storage
  • Select fresh looking, cold dry berries with a bright clean appearance and good uniform color.
  • The berry should be plump and tender, not mushy. 
  • Do not buy bruised, leaky or moldy fruit
  • Check for wet or stained containers.
  • Keep cold.  Use as soon as possible.

Prepare, Use and Serve
  • Wash just before using, always remove any hull or leaf. drain thoroughly.
Serve for breakfast with cereal, with or without a little sugar or thin honey and cream.  

Added to fruit salad, juice and cordial, puddings, pies and sauces. Purees for ice cream, sherbet and desserts, jam and jelly or syrup. Goes with all other fruits, with ham, pork, game; ice cream, cream, sour cream, yoghurt, cream cheese, blue cheese, rice. 



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