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Litchie, Lichee or Litchee
Lychee is a native of Southern China and has been cultivated there for several thousand years.

Lychee (Litchi Chinensis) is botanically of the family Sapindaceae and related to the rambutan and logan. The fruit is a round or kidney-shaped drupe and when ripe, has a bright red, yellow, orange rough leathery skin, divided into small scale-like areas. The translucent flesh is pearly white and very sweet and flowerlike, surrounding a hard shiny brown seed
Best with bright red skin, juicy translucent flesh.
Fresh, as dessert fruit.
Nutritional Value
High in potassium, phosphorus and calcium.  

Buying and Storing
The fruits must be picked when ripe and once ripe, the skin of the fruits quickly change color.  The skin should be bright crimson in color but the best way to select is the taste. The fruits should not be pulled from their stems, so select those with stem attached, skin fresh and bright, not dry looking.  

To store, spread lychees in a single layer in a container, cover and refrigerate up to one week. 

Prepare, Use and Serve
For an attractive presentation:
  1. With a small thin-bladed scissors or small sharp knife, pierce shell at tip and cut back to stem ends on both sides.
  2. To eat, pull open cut shell and pluck out fruit, or with a small knife, pierce shell at tip; cut shell into petals, then tuck each petal back under fruit to resemble a flower.
  3. Stone maybe remove for certain recipes.
Eat fresh, or put fresh ones with seeds removed into fruit compotes and fruit salads. 

Lychees may be stuffed with cream cheese mixture, nuts and served with cheese platters. Poach and serve plain or with ice cream

Use in sweet and sour Chinese dishes; saute and serve with ham, chicken and pork.  



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