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Bean sprouts

Bean sprouts are the edible crisp young shoots of mung beans.  They are high in vitamin C and are used as a vegetable in stir-fries, eaten raw in salads or added to sandwich fillings.

Bean sprouts are sold in tins, or fresh in bags or containers but can be easily sprouted at home.  Keep fresh bean sprouts in cold water in the fridge and change the water daily.  Bean sprouts may also refer to sprouts of the soya bean-these are larger and take longer to germinate than mung beans.

Growing sprouts
Wash the mung beans thoroughly then put them in a large jar and fill it with tepid water.  Cover the top with muslin or cheesecloth, secure it with a rubber band, then drain the water water out through the cloth.

Leave the jar on its side in the dark warm place (light causes the sprouts to turn green).  Repeat this rinsing this rinsing process morning and evening.  Sprouting will begin after 2-3 days and they will be ready to eat after 4-6 days.    



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