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A close relative of the onion, but with a milder, delicate flavor, shallots grow in clusters and are joined with a common root end.  

There are several varieties including the grey or common shallot, which has grey skin and a purple head; the jersey shallot, a round bulb with pink skin; the french shallot also called banana shallot, which has golden copper-colored skin ad a elongated bulb and Asian or Thai shallots, which are a lighter pink.

Shallots feature in delicate sauces such as beurre blanc, they can be used as a garnish, thinly sliced and eaten raw in salads or peeled and cooked whole as a vegetable.  

In France shallots are used in sauces as the flesh dissolves well when cooked; in Asia they are made into pickles. Store in a cool, well ventilated place for up to 1 month.  



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