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Long flat, emerald-green pandanus leaves are used for their color and fragrance and as a food container-which also imparts flavor mostly in Southeast Asian cooking particularly in Indonesia ad Malaysia.  The leaves are crushed and added to dishes such as rice or curries during cooking or tied in a knot so they fit easily into the pot, then removed before the dish is served. Another way to impart the appealing fragrance is to wrap the leaves around pieces of meat or fish while marinating or grilling. 

In Malaysian and Indonesian cooking the leaves are boiled and the color extracted.  Pandanus leaves are sold in bundles and are available both dried and frozen.  Dried ones lack the intensity of flavor and frozen leaf is much less fragranced. Also known as kewra, pandan, screwpine.

Pandanus leaf essence, called called bai toey in Indonesia is a brilliantly colored fragrant flavoring used in cakes and sweet dishes.



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