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Different types and uses of sugar

Sugar is available in a variety of forms such as:
  • Granulated Sugar -This is the highly refined white sugar, consist of almost pure sucrose, which is used in any food item in which there is sufficient liquid to dissolve. it is the most common table and cooking sugar.
  • Caster Sugar - A fine white sugar, consists of small, evenly graded crystals. It is dissolved quickly and easily when mixed with other ingredients. It is used to make cakes, pastries, biscuits and desserts, especially meringues and confectionery.
  • Icing Sugar - Also known as confectioners’ sugar. It is a granulated sugar crushed to a fine powder used for icing cakes and in sweets where a grainy texture is undesirable. Icing sugar is also used to make meringues and for dusting on cakes and sweets such as Turkish delight.
  • Cube loaf or lump sugar- A granulated sugar that is moistened and molded and cut into convenient cubes of various sizes. Most often used to sweeten hot drinks; also used in champagne cocktails and rubbed on citrus skins for flavoring certain sweet dishes and sauces. 
  • Brown Sugar -Often specified in recipes for breads and cakes, is small crystals of white sugar that has been mixed with clarified molasses to give it a soft, moist texture in shades of light or dark brown. The darker the color the more pronounced the flavor. 

    • Raw sugar – has large crystals and is made from the residual syrup after the removal of molasses. 
    • Demerara is a dry brown sugar with coarse crystals mixed with a little molasses and traditionally used to sweeten coffee.
  • Palm Sugar -Hard dense sugar obtained from the sap of various palms. Usually sold in solid pieces in colors ranging from creamy-white to dark brown. It is widely used in India and South-East Asian countries, usually to sweeten desserts or sweet- and sour dishes.



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